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Posted on: April 3, 2008 7:56 am

Wait...offense is STILL our problem?

Dear Minnesota Twins organization:

I actually applaud your offseason moves. I really believed that the offense could compete this year. Now I know, GM Bill Smith, you're going to tell me to give it time. The pitchers are ahead of the hitters at this point in the season.

Good argument, my good sir - except the Los Angeles Sacramento Angels of Northern San Jose County Municipal Janitors of Anaheim put up a nine-spot on us not 24 hours ago. Twins, please split this series, or Torii's going to think he actually made the right off-season move. Justin Morneau, where are you? I mean, your stick, that is. Defense was great last night, I threw my beer on some kid because that no-look flip to Nick Blackburn was amazing.

Speaking of which, Morneau, you should write to ESPN. Your play was number 5 in their daily top ten. I think you got beat out by a water-skiing squirrel. But that's why I blog on this Web site, not theirs. ESPN can shove it.

Back to the point, though - we've scored four runs in three games. Ouch. An alcoholic college student (read: pretty much every college student) has a higher GPA than your runs per game. We thought that the pitching would be sketchy coming into the year, but it's STILL the hitting? Ugh.

I'm done ranting for now, but expect another letter from me if things don't change in a hurry.


~ Robtangle

P.S. - If you wish to add yet another overweight pitcher to your roster, gimme a call. My curveball is faster than Livan Hernandez's.

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